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LIFE RISORGIVE Conservazione della biodiversità nel comune di Bressanvido
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Download the Resurgences Environments Management Handbook

The Handbook has been realized within the action E5 of the project Life Risorgive, and it is the main technical dissemination tool of the project.
This manual provides simple and operative information in order to combine hydraulic feature and habitat conservation, relying on revitalization experiences carried out with actions C of the project and with support from existing literature. It is a helpful tool for landowners and farmers, in particular for the proper management of linear tree-shrub systems.
This handbook provides information clear and easily understandable by non-specialist about the habitat identification, it suggests management procedures designed to preserve biodiversity and to maintain habitats over the years, respecting hydraulic requirements. It also explains how to build ex-novo pieces of habitat, by directly increasing plant species and helping indirectly animal species.
This proposed approaches, even if based on the experience carried out in Bressanvido. are applicable also in other similar territories.

Download the handbook here: PROJECT DOCUMENTS

Signed in Bressanvido the first Risorgive Contract

Signing of the Risorgiva Contract


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