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LIFE RISORGIVE Conservazione della biodiversità nel comune di Bressanvido
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Resurgence Contract

A Resurgence Contract (“Contratto di Risorgiva”) is a voluntary instrument of strategic planning and financial endowment that pursues the protection, proper management of water resources and the enhancement of territories, together with safeguarding from hydraulic risk, contributing to local development of such areas. The Resurgence Contract, currently signed by about 30 subjects of the entire Venetian foothills, from Verona to Padua and open to further adhesions.
In the Life Risorgive project, the Contract was born thanks to a participatory process that lasted over a year, which involved numerous municipalities, local authorities, land reclamation consortia, associations and private companies. The collaboration of all these subjects led to the drafting of a shared agreement for the environmental redevelopment and the safeguarding of the resurgence environments of the Vicenza and Paduan lowlands.
The document therefore assumes a role of fundamental importance, because it provides for a series of actions that aim to protect and enhance both the environmental and socio-economic resources of the resurgences.

The process for drafting of the Resurgence Contract is structure into the following phases:

Sharing of a document of intent containing reasons and general purposes, also established for the pursuit of the obligations referred to Article 4 of Directive 2000/60 / EC and the linked directives, the specific critical issues covered by the Contract and the working methodology, shared between the actors taking part in the process. The signing of this document by the interested parties starts the activation of the Contract;

The finalization of an appropriate preliminary fact-finding analysis integrated on the environmental, social and economic aspects of the territory covered by the Contract.

Elaboration of a strategic document that defines the scenario, referring to a medium-long term time horizon, which integrates the purposes of territorial planning, at local and wider scale, with the local development policies of the territory;

Definition of an Action Program (AP) with a well-defined and limited time horizon (approximately three / five years) indicating, besides the purposes for each action, also the actors involved, their respective obligations and commitments, the timing and implementation procedures, the necessary human and economic resources, as well as the related financial coverage. The AP contains a brief description on how each action contributes to the purposes of Directives 2000/60 / EC (water framework directive), 2007/60 / EC (floods directive) and 42/93 / EEC (Habitats directive) and other relevant directives;

Implementation of open and inclusive participatory processes enabling participants to share intentions, commitments and responsibilities towards the Resurgence Contract;

Signing of a formal commitment act, i.e. the Resurgence Contract, which formalizes the decisions shared in the participatory process and defines the specific commitments of the contracting parties;

Activation of a strong periodic control and monitoring system of the Contract to verify the state of implementation of the various phases and actions, the quality of participation and the consequent decision-making processes.

Information to the public . Data and information on Resurgence Contracts or River Contracts should be made accessible to the public, as required by Directives 4/2003 / EC on public access to information and 35/2003 / EC on public participation in decision-making processes on plans and environmental programs, through a plurality of dissemination tools, by making the best possible use of the Web channel.

To learn more, you can download the following documents (in Italian):

08.07.2019 – Programma incontro: DOWNLOAD
08.07.2019 – Verso il Contratto di Risorgiva: DOWNLOAD
08.07.2019 – Foto evento: DOWNLOAD
09.09.2019 – incontro con amministratori: DOWNLOAD
09.09.2019 – foto incontro: DOWNLOAD
30.09.2019 – SAVE the date: DOWNLOAD
09.12.2019 – Foto evento: DOWNLOAD
09.12.2019 – Secondo Tavolo Territoriale: DOWNLOAD
09.12.2019 – Verso il Documento di Intenti: DOWNLOAD
10.02.2020 – Programma incontro firma Documento di intenti: DOWNLOAD
10.02.2020 – Documento di Intenti: DOWNLOAD
10.02.2020 – Documento di Intenti Foto evento: DOWNLOAD
10.02.2020 – Documento di Intenti Verbale incontro: DOWNLOAD
24.06.2020 – Relazione quadro conoscitivo finale: DOWNLOAD
21.07.2020 – Programma e macroazioni Tavolo territoriale web: DOWNLOAD
02.09.2020 – Programma tavolo territoriale web: DOWNLOAD
21.09.2020 – Programma tavolo di presentazione Contratto di Risorgiva: DOWNLOAD
29.09.2020 – Foglio firme presentazione e sottoscrizione Contratto di Risorgiva : DOWNLOAD

Here is the final Resurgence Contract, with annexes:

Contratto di Risorgiva : DOWNLOAD
Appendice A – Analisi conoscitiva: DOWNLOAD
Appendice B – Documento strategico: DOWNLOAD
Appendice C1 – Programma d’azione: DOWNLOAD
Appendice C2 – Abaco delle misure: DOWNLOAD


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