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LIFE RISORGIVE Conservazione della biodiversità nel comune di Bressanvido
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  • Signed in Bressanvido the first Risorgive Contract

Signed in Bressanvido the first Risorgive Contract

During the sixth edition of the Agricultural Festival in Bressanvido, the Risorgive Contract was signed: This is a voluntary agreement defining a common strategy for the preservation, management and enhancement of local territory and water resources. It also aims to contribute to the protection and local development of the concerned area.
This event reached near seventy participants, and thirty of these among public entities and associations were the first signatories of the agreement.
The process, which began on 8 July 2019 as part of the Life Risorgive Project promoted by the Municipality of Bressanvido, reached an important result with the signing of the Agreement by publics entities and associations.
The municipality of Bressanvido, leader of the initiative, coordinated the whole project with the involvement of important partners like Veneto Agricoltura, Consorzio di Bonifica Brenta, the research institute Aquaprogram, and various local associations.

“The Life Risorgive Project was focused on the conservation of biodiversity in the territory of Bressanvido – explained during the event the mayor Luca Franzè – Part of the restoration works implemented during the project can be visited through the cycle and pedestrian paths recently created in the heart of the Bressanvidese countryside ”.
“Our goal is to ensure that resurgences can become a driving force both on a tourism and economic level for our territory – underlines the councilor for the Life Project, Alessandro Scuccato – this Risorgiva Contract, unique in Italy of its kind, requires a further joint planning by signatories: we will all be called to comply with the objectives and behaviors introduced through this agreement” Through the Life Risorgive project, the recovery of 26 resurgence systems (for a total of 43 head sources), banks, canals and waterways, has been achieved. The Resurgence Contract is the completion of this initiative, and will have a five-year duration.

To download the press release,CLICK HERE

The Risorgive Contract is now online

Download the Resurgences Environments Management Handbook


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