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LIFE RISORGIVE Conservazione della biodiversità nel comune di Bressanvido
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Intervention summary
Project 8 “Roggia Girosa” includes 1 resurgence systems with 5 springs points (capofonti): CR11-CR12-CR13-CR14-CR15.
The interventions consisted of actions aimed at maintenance actions, which provide for ordinary management with mowing of the grass once a year and small interventions to rearrange the bottom and banks and the environmental requalification of the resurgence area and the river. Reshaping and re-profiling of the banks as well as the laying of deflectors, constrictors and stones and boulders inside the shaft were also foreseen. Other interventions, on the other hand, concerned the construction of structures that favour the use of the Girosa spring by people for tourist / educational purposes, with the creation of a new route for visiting the spring and the Girosa canal.
Works implemented: Positioning of stones and boulders in the north, constrictor north, construction of the flat bridge, deflectors, constrictor south, removal of the bridge, pre-existing canal, removal of the pre-existing irrigation channel, positioning of stones and boulders in the south, construction of pipes under the road to allow the water to flow channel for irrigation.
Deviations from original plans / relevant notes: During the execution of the works it emerged the possibility, and the utility for environmental purposes, of carrying out some further interventions to protect and enhance this specific resurgence system, not originally foreseen. A semi-natural phytodepuration area was created inside a newly planted hygrophilous grove, to reduce the impact of the agricultural activities on the water ecosystem. By softening the banks in an area not foreseen, it was possible to favour the natural revegetation of the area, and to create a point suitable for the reproduction of amphibians. Finally, due to the low water flow in some points, it was necessary to realize a drainage system with the laying of some underground pipes, to avoid unwanted stagnation.

Intervention official documentation (in Italian).

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